Phoenix Beach Volleyball


About Us


Phoenix was started to create lifelong opportunities in the sport of beach volleyball.  Our goal is for athletes to learn the basics of ball control and to diversify skills in an area with every reason to spend time outdoors.  Whether you are brand new to the game, consider yourself an indoor volleyball player or you are a beach purist, beach volleyball provides incredible benefits for youth and adults of all ages and levels! Unlike indoor volleyball, where a Middle may never pass or a setter may never hit, in beach volleyball you are forced to learn it all AND do it all.  You are part of almost every serve, every rally and every point. 


Also, the sand is much more forgiving on the body, a bonus for our “mature” players and will lead to longevity in the game for our youth players.  For athletes that play both indoor and beach, of which there are many, beach volleyball offers ALL participants the chance to learn it all plus get fit, improve strength, endurance, speed, mobility and vertical at the same time. And to those that may not have the height advantage that can often discourage young athletes from pursuing indoor, beach volleyball doesn’t require you to be tall to play certain positions.  Serving and ball control wins matches. Thus, you don’t need height to win matches in the sand.


Our overall goal with Phoenix is to teach beach volleyball techniques, strategies and concepts the correct way but without ever losing sight of the golden rule. It should be a whole lot of fun!