Phoenix Beach Volleyball


Youth Programs

Phoenix Winter 2023

  • Beach Volleyball Training price of $195/full month ($125/full month for elementary classes) is all inclusive (NOTE: AUGUST/DEC WILL BE PRORATED DUE TO SHORT MONTHS) 
  • Includes 2 practices per week (90 min sessions for MS/HS and 60 min sessions for Elementary).
  • We offer sibling/family discounts (90 min only) and are happy to discuss payment options for families that request it. 
  • Memberships will renew into the following month unless a player pauses their membership via email/phone call before the final day of the month.
  • Send an email to phoenixsports305@gmail to request a tryout or if you have any questions.
Little Spikers Having Fun




The beach volleyball communities of Miami-Dade are desperate for more beach courts in order to satisfy the increased popularity of the sport since the pandemic.  The patrons of South Beach, Margaret Pace Park, David T. Kennedy Park, Dante Fascell Park, Fuchs Park, Coral Reef Park, just to name a few, are passionate communities dedicated to the life-long sport of beach volleyball.  However, as it’s popularity has grown exponentially, the space to play has not, leading to uncomfortable situations and conversations for many of us over the past two years.  We need to come together and persuade our gov’t representatives to recognize the need to increase, expand and improve all beach volleyball facilities in our city. Phoenix beach volleyball programming has reached it’s limit.  We cannot fulfill the needs our youth and adults who have trained with us over the past six years or those who wish to to start. Our adult programming is currently paused due to lack of available courts and we are currently turning away middle school and high school players due to lack of space in our classes. We are in need of gov’t action to meet the demands of the sport.  Please help support your city, your kids and our community and reach out to one or more of your gov’t officials today.